Many ladies have questions on how effective it is to use Vitamin E oil to get rid of Stretch Marks ?

It’s powers lie with its antioxidant effects – the first line of defense against the free radicals in the environment that harm our skin. (Otherwise known as oxidative stress).

You might be surprised – check the ingredient lists of your favourite moisturizer, cleanser or sun-cream. If you read the word ‘Tocopherol’, you’re already reaping the benefits of Vitamin E!

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Best 5 Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks Reviewed:

As you embark on your journey to find the ultimate Vitamin E Oil, you may start to realize that not every product on the market is what we call “pure”. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but it can make things a bit confusing when deciding what fits your needs.

Below are brands that come recommended by dermatologists:

1) 100% Natural & Organic Vitamin E Oil By Health Priority

Health Priority offers a veritable bundle of goodness in their 100% natural + pure Vitamin E Oil tincture, with the star product being accompanied by Jojoba, Avocado, Rice Bran, Lavender and Palmarosa Oils for intense anti-oxidising nourishment. The added oils also reduce the “stickiness” of the natural product, making it soft and pleasant to apply.

Why we like it?

You can be confident this is a high-concentration product, as ‘tocopherol’ (natural form of vitamin E) appears right at the start of the ingredients list, which is ranked by volume. Always look for active ingredients at the start of ingredients lists. If they’re further down or towards the end, you might not get the maximum benefit.

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2) Vitamin E Oil by Bella Terra

This is a straightforward, no-nonsense, pure Vitamin E Oil that comes with a dropper for facial use. It also comes with pump for delivering larger quantities of the product ( for the hair or body).

Why we like it? 

It’s ‘100% pure and natural’, meaning it does not contain other oil mixture. They use the cold-pressed method which means they will be able to keep all the goodness in, and forcing any impurities or bacteria out. Unrefined, meaning they have not bleached the product and have retained a higher nutritional content.

The only thing to consider is that natural Vitamin E oil is quite viscous in texture, like honey. Some people love the nourishing feel of the natural form, but if you find it too thick, you can thin it out with a drop or two of other oils, like Lavender, or Evening Primrose.

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3) Organic Vitamin E Oil by Gaia Body Care

Organic Vitamin E Oil is first to appear on the ingredients list. It means pure Vitamin E oil makes up the bulk of the contents. We can tell it’s an all-natural product, as Vitamin E appears as tocopherol.

This high concentration means you are most likely to see the strongest benefits for getting rid of stretch marks and scars. Besides, Many users also use this vitamin E oil on skin and hair for moisturizing purpose.

Why we like it?

This organic Vitamin E oil by Gaia comes supplemented with Jojoba, Baobab and Avocado oil (plus a pleasant infusion of Orange). These oils add an extra boost in moisturizing your skin and increasing your collagen metabolism. Users have reported it being effective in fading the appearance of stretch marks.

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4) Vitamin E Oil by Rejuve Naturals


RejuveNaturals, as the name suggests, is pure and natural. It’s free of add-ins and carrier oils. Plus it’s unscented, so makes a great option for sensitive skin. Many woman are using this brand during pregnancy for getting rid of stretch marks, and are giving it a 5-star rating.


Why we like it?

This pure and natural Vitamin E Oil comes from organic olives. RejuveNaturals extracted and distilled this oil from olive using their unique method. It renders the end product thinner, smoother, and more bioavailable (easier for your body to absorb and use). You might find this option easier to apply, especially if you’re adding oils to your skincare regime for the first time.

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5) Bio-Oil

If there’s such a thing as a household name in Vitamin E oil, this is probably it – Bio-Oil. It has been around since the 1980’s.  It’s white and orange branding is immediately recognizable, and the brand were actually the first to pioneer oils in the treatment of scars, acne scars and stretch marks. So you’d expect it to be one of the best products money can buy. Other main ingredients are Rosemary, Calendula, Chamomile Oils and Vitamins of the highest quality.

Cons: However, you’ll spot both natural and synthetic Vitamin E in the ingredients list. It means they did add some synthetic elements to bulk out the content. Further, tocopherol (natural form of Vitamin E) doesn’t appear until over halfway through the ingredients list, meaning the concentration will not be as high as pure Vitamin E Oil products.

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What is Vitamin E Oil?

Vitamin E oil for Stretch Marks

Little known fact: Vitamin E is not a singular vitamin, but a group of fatty-acid compounds.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E’s chemical name) is widely used in skincare products for its multitude of skin-loving benefits. Despite the technical sounding name, it’s a naturally-occuring substance, derived from vegetable oils – mainly wheatgerm, sunflower, or soybean.

Some Vitamin E we can source from our diets. It’s found in foods like nuts, oils, leafy greens, fish, and tropical fruits like mango, avocado and papaya.

However, our skin needs a little extra help.

Nutrients diffused throughout our body from our diets don’t quite make it to the outermost levels of our skin. This is why we need to apply Vitamin E topically to unlock its maximum potential.

How can Vitamin E Oil Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Vitamin E is one of the most crucial compounds for skin support (with Vitamins A, C and Zinc as close runners up).

It works by speeding up skin cell turnover, promoting renewal and regeneration.

Vitamin E oil for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur when rapid growth causes the middle layer of the skin (the dermis), to stretch and then tear. The stretches of skin can be a result of pregnancy, growth spurts or weight gain. As the damage is deeper than surface level (the epidermis), it’s tougher to correct.

Vitamin E supports the building blocks of the skin: collagen and elastin. It supports fibroblast activity. Fibroblasts are connective tissue cells that maintain the structural framework of our skin. It also benefits the skin as it improves blood circulation.

These triple benefits work to bolster the skin’s ability to heal itself, and aid in the diminishing of stretch mark damage.

Vitamin E oil for Stretch Marks


When should I apply Vitamin E oil?

When we talk about the treatment of using Vitamin oil for stretch mark during pregnancy, we talk about three key phases:

Vitamin E oil for Stretch Marks

Pre-emptive: the easiest phase is always going to be when you know what’s coming! If you’re in the early stages of pregnancy, the absolute best thing you can do for your skin is to start applying Vitamin E. You can apply it before you start to see significant changes in your body, or just as your baby bump starts to develop. This packs the skin with extra moisture and elasticity, so it can better manage and prevent your skin from stretching.

Early stage: Early stage stretch marks refer to stretch marks that have recently appeared. New stretch marks are usually red or purple in color. Sometimes, they’re inevitable – a part of life we can’t always control or prepare for. The good news is, in this early stage, these red or purple stretch marks are receptive to treatment. It means they have a higher potential for being improved.

Mature stretch marks: Stretch marks that have been on our bodies for a long time and are usually white or silver in color. They tend to be more stubborn, but they are not impossible to treat. With Vitamin E oil, you can expect some mild reductions or lightening of stretch marks if treating during this stage.


How do I apply Vitamin E oil ?

If you have supple, resilient skin that resists stretch marks, massage Vitamin E cream, Vitamin E gel, or pure Vitamin E oil into the skin once a day.

For the pre-emptive and mature stages, you might wish to apply twice a day. Once in the morning morning and one at night – for a little extra boost.

For pregnant women, the majority of stretch marks usually appear around the stomach.

However, Don’t forget the hips, breasts, thighs and buttocks, as these areas can experience fluctuations too.

What to look for when selecting a Vitamin E products?

There’s one really important thing to take note of when shopping for Vitamin E, which will significantly affect the quality of the cream, gel or oil. It lies within the spelling of the chemical name.

Tocopherol, with an ‘ol’ at the end (sometimes seen as d-alpha tocopherol) is the natural form of Vitamin E.

Tocopheryl, with an ‘yl’ at the end (sometimes seen as dl-alpha tocopheryl) is the synthetic version.

It’s a tiny change in nomenclature, but a big difference in quality. Many studies have shown that natural Vitamin E is two to three times as effective as the synthetic version. Check those ingredients lists!

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Other Uses of Vitamin E Oil:

It is a cornerstone of natural skin health. Although it’s most widely known in the treatment of stretch marks, the myriad other benefits of Vitamin E include:

Healing of wounds, skin conditions, and other scars:

Stretch marks are not the only types of scars that can be treated with Vitamin E – it’s also effective in reducing scarring left by surgical scars and acne. Depending on the depth and age of the scar, it may not remove them all together, but can diminish their appearance.

Sun protection and sun damage repair:

Going back to those ingredients lists, you’re likely to spot our friend tocopherol on the backs of your sunscreen bottles. The antioxidant effects of Vitamin E are a powerful guardian against free radicals produced by UV exposure, especially when paired with Vitamin C. (You might see Vitamin C in ingredients lists as ascorbic acid).

Treatment of skin conditions:

Studies have shown that although it won’t cure skin conditions completely, it can have soothing and reductive effects for those suffering from psoriasis, and as a ‘short-term rescue’ for eczema.

Promotion of hair growth:

You can apply Vitamin E oil to your eyebrows, eyelashes and even beard in order to nourish the hair follicles and promote hair growth!

Vitamin E oil for Stretch Marks

Hand and nail care:

Besides getting rid of stretch mark, Vitamin E oil also helps to maintain healthy, moisturized nails and cuticles. It’s often recommended in the treatment of yellow nails and fungal infections, which can cause hardening, peeling and cracking of the nails and nail beds. It is particularly effective in this remedy when paired with zinc or Vitamin D3.

Perineal massage: 

For pregnant women, massaging the perineal region can decrease chances of tearing during birth. It’s best and most comfortable to do this with a lubricating oil, in order to reduce friction on the skin. 

Why Use Vitamin E oil within your Skincare Routine?

No surprises here – an oil that’s good for your hair and skin is pretty likely to have some nice cosmetic benefits, too.

Nourishing, Moisturizing, and Anti-Ageing.

Vitamin E is something of a panacea when it comes to symptoms of ageing. “Visible ageing” is usually attributed to three central factors: wrinkles, loss of firmness or elasticity (caused by loss of collagen), and pigmentation.

The skin cell renewal boosting properties of Vitamin E address all three.

Vitamin E oil for Stretch Marks

The burst of antioxidants it supplies act as a preventative measure. You’re never too young to start introducing Vitamin E into your regime.

The oil is an all-rounder for hydration in the skin, and is gentle enough to be applied to the delicate under eye area, and the lips.

Health Authority is the best vitamin E oi brand for stretch marks or facial oil in the market.

Vitamin E Oil and its Benefits on Hair?

Going back to those pesky free radicals – the oxidative stress they cause affects not only our skin, but our hair too.

Studies have found that applying the oil directly to the hair can counter these negative effects, by deploying their antioxidant powers to prevent hair loss.

It is great for stimulating blood circulation and capillary growth in your scalp – which in turn will promote hair growth.

You can also apply it directly to the hair shaft to repair the protective barrier, and add shine. For a gentle moisture boost, try adding a couple of drops to a cream conditioner.

vitamin E oil for hair


We conclude that Vitamin E oil by Health Priority is the best brand with proven result in getting rid of stretch mark.

When shopping for Vitamin E oil, remember your ‘ols’ and your ‘yls’. Look for pure and cold-pressed if you can. As a dermatologist-recommended active ingredient, it’s one of the best ingredient for getting rid of stretch marks.

Besides, it’s abundant benefits shouldn’t be overlooked for anti-ageing, anti-sun-damage, and overall skin and hair health. Just remember to keep lots of it in your diet, too!

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