Composting food waste and other debris is one of the best ways to reduce your household waste – while also improving the quality of your soil. What is better than turning one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Using the best kitchen compost bin will make a difference!

What exactly is composting, you might ask? Composting is a natural process that transforms organic waste (like manure, food scraps, and gardening debris) into rich humus – or decomposed soil that is rich in nutrients.

Compost, when used in your garden, can not only improve its fertility, but it’s structure, too. This is especially beneficial for gardens with poorly draining or infertile soils.

Getting started with composting is easy, but you’ll need the right equipment. You can easily start a compost pile on the ground or even in a trench, but using a compost bin will help you cut down on the time it takes, to go from waste to nutritious compost. You will not only be saving time and the environment, but also saving money spent on buying humus.

If you’re ready to start living a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, you’ve got to consider investing in one of these seven best compost bins. We’ve done several hours’ worth of research on about 50+ best kitchen compost bins in the market, in order to put together the best list of compost bins you can buy. This helpful guide will tell you everything you need to know.

The 8 Best Kitchen Compost Bins of 2020


#1 Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin (Best Overall)

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We’ve ranked this compost bin as the best kitchen compost bin you’ll find. What makes it so popular for indoor composter is its airtight lid design and replaceable activated-charcoal filter.  The airtight lid controls odor effectively while keeping the pest out. 

It is also very easy to clean as the body of the bin is molded in one piece. Small scraps can easily be cleansed around the corners or edges of the bin. 

The body and lid are made of 100% stainless steal, making it extremely durable and long-lasting.

Capacity: 1.3 Gallons

Dimensions: 10.7 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches


  • Very easy to clean
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Small enough for kitchen counter without being too restrictive
  • The tight-fitting lid keeps pests out


  • The size may not be big enough for bigger family

#2. FCMP Outdoor Tumbling Composter, 37 Gallon ( For Garden)

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Tumbling compost bins are preferred by many gardeners for one big reason – they make your life a lot easier! Tumbling composters rotate your compost five to seven times every few days. How often the bin turns will determine how quickly the waste breaks down into usable humus for your garden.

Turn a compost like this once a day, and your compost will be ready in a snap.

This compost bin by FCMP Outdoor has an impressive capacity of 37 gallons. It’s split into a dual chamber so you don’t have to worry about adding too much new material and overwhelming the microbes in the bin. In less than three weeks, you’ll have plenty of organic compost ready to be used in your garden.

The bin is incredibly sturdy, too. It rests on a rugged steel frame. This frame helps it to resist wind and weather damage while still allowing the bin to spin on the axis. It’s tall enough so that you don’t have to stoop while adding compost ingredients, yet not so tall that you have to reach to do so.

It also is equipped with a large door, an essential feature if you’re adding large amounts of compost ingredients. With aeration holes that are specialized, allowing for a consistent supply of oxygen, this tumbler is one of the best you can buy.

Capacity: 37 Gallons

Dimensions: 36 x 30 x 28 inches


  • Tumbler designs – offers quick composting with minimal effort
  • Extra-large door – makes it easy to add ingredients
  • Stands at a comfortable, convenient height
  • Dual bins – allows you to make steady supply of compost


  • Assembling required. See full assembly instructions <<here>>

#3. EJWOX Large Composting Tumbler  (Dual Rotating Outdoor Garden Compost Bin)

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If you’re on the hunt for the best composter for the garden, the EWOX Large Composting Tumbler is a clear winner. As a dual-capacity outdoor tumbling compost, it is efficient and sturdy.

It is constructed with high-density polypropylene. This not only helps the bin resist sun damage (sometimes, the harsh UV rays of the sun can cause plastics used in other compost bins to decay and break down prematurely) but to withstand wind, snow, and rain, too.

This bin has an impressive 43-gallon capacity. This is split equally between two 21.5 gallons compartments. You won’t have to worry about your compost bin being overwhelmed with ingredients all at once – plus, it will aerate itself as the compost decomposes.

Because this compost bin tumbles on its own, it lets you easily mix green waste in. All parts of your compost will be evenly mixed and composted. This can reduce odors and also limit the likelihood of pests depositing their eggs or hanging out inside. The door shuts securely so that rodents and other four-legged invaders can’t get in.

You’ll love how well-aerated your compost is after using this tumbler. In fact, many users report that the soil created by this bin has a fantastic and pleasant earthy aroma. Plus, it’s loaded with nutrients so you can use it immediately to improve the health of your garden.

Capacity: 43 gallons

Dimensions: 28.5 x 26 x 37 inches


  • Good aeration system – allows for shorter compost time
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dual compartments – allows you to have 2 compost piles at one time
  • Ergonomic design allows for easy, convenient mixing


  • Has a door that is somewhat small

#4. Garden Composter Bin Made from Recycled Plastic (Best for large volume)

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This handy compost bin is perfect for beginners. You don’t have to have a ton of expertise in order to figure it out!

Plus, it’s eco-friendly. Made out of recycled plastic, it’s good for the planet and contains black plastic that maintains heat and regulates moisture for the shortest composting time possible. It’s BPA-free, too, so toxins won’t leach back into your bin.

This bin is easy to assemble and easy to use. You’ll be able to start composting quickly without having to spend tons of time putting together your bin. It has a secure lid, too, so bugs and animals will stay far away from your compost while it’s cooking.

Backed by a generous two-year warranty, this compost bin is hands-down one of the best products you can select.

Capacity: 110 gallons

Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 55 inches


  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions with its eco-friendly design
  • Small enough for most backyards without being too restrictive
  • The tight-fitting lid keeps pests out
  • Easy to assemble


  • Made with thinner plastic frame than other composters

#5. SQUEEZE Master Large Compost Tumbler Bin (Best for family with kids)

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The SQUEEZE Master Large Compost Tumbler Bin might be last on our list of the best compost bins, but it’s certainly not least. This bin makes composting efficient and easy. It is easy to rotate and has a dual compartment.

Coming in with 43 gallons of space, this compost won’t have to be emptied very often. You will only need to rotate it every so slightly to keep things aerated. Just rotate it a few turns every couple of days, and you’ll have compost ready to go in a matter of months.

It has a sturdy BPA-free steel frame. It can hold up to 352 lbs, making it secure under the heavyweight of finished compost – even when wet!

With reliable customer service, this compost bin is also easy to assemble. You won’t feel as though you are neglected after your purchase because you can easily get in touch with customer service for any questions you may have.

Dimensions: 28 x 26 x 37 inches

Capacity: 43 gallons


  • Easy to use and customizable with kid-friendly surfaces for DIY drawings
  • High quality- made with sturdy and rust-proofed frame
  • Does not leak or sag while in use


  • Pictures on instructions can be hard to follow
  • Somewhat smaller doors

#6. Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler


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If you want a composter for the garden that is no-frills and easy to use, you might want to consider this classic compost bin by Miracle-Gro. It is durably built and has several useful features that make it a must-have staple for any garden.

For starters, this compost bin is rough and rugged. It is made with UV protected plastic. They come in 4 sizes –  18.5 gallons, 27.7 gallons, 2×18.5 gallons and 2×27.7 gallons. 

With a large opening, this compost bin is easy to maneuver. You’ll be able to add ingredients quickly and get compost out without dirtying your clothes and hands. When you keep adding food waste from top until it reaches the bottom, you can harvest your compost from the bottom as you need. This is more efficient than the tumble-style compost bins of which you can only harvest once the entire compost of the drum is “cooked”.

A final benefit of this compost bin is that it has an open design on the bottom. That way, both moisture and beneficial creatures (like worms!) can migrate through the soil beneath the bin. You’ll find that your compost breaks down more quickly and is more nutritious as a result of this handy feature.

Capacity: 4 sizes –  18.5 gallons, 27.7 gallons, 2×18.5 gallons and 2×27.7 gallons. 

Dimensions: 25.6 x 32.3 x 23.6 inches for the 2×18.5 gallons


  • Has a self-watering, locking lid
  • Extra large capacity available
  • Open bottom makes this compost bin one of the most eco-friendly
  • Has a durable plastic construction that withstands the elements with ease
  • Large opening – easy to maneuver.


  • Not self-turning

#7. Joraform Compost Tumbler JK 125 (Best value for the money)

The Joraform Compost Tumbler is another top pick if you’re looking for one of the best compost bins for your money. It has a convenient design that allows the bin to sit at a favorable height. No more bending, stooping, or reaching to get your compost in or out!

This compost tumbler is meant to be turned by hand. All you need to do is give it a quick rotation whenever you add new ingredients. It lets temperatures rise higher than 160 degrees with its unique insulation system so that you can enjoy quicker, more efficient composting in a fraction of the time of other compost bins.

Divided into two chambers, this compost bin is super convenient for busy gardeners. You can fill one chamber with compost ingredients while the other side is actively breaking down.

Another major benefit of this compost bin is that it is positioned up and off the ground. You don’t have to worry about pests or rodents gaining access to the ingredients inside the tumbler. It’s mess-free and versatile – it works for gardeners in suburban and urban areas alike.

Dimensions: 37” L x  27” W x 48” H inches

Capacity: 33 gallons


  • Good insulation – allows the compost to “cook” at as high as 150 degree F, which shorten compost time
  • Easy to load, turn and unload
  • Elevated off the ground to eliminate pest interference
  • Dual bins – allows you to make steady supply of compost


  • Can be difficult to assemble

8. Envirocycle (The Cutest Composter in The World)

Hailed as the “cutest composter in the world,” The Envirocycle composter is the best kitchen compost bin you can buy if you have limited space.

At just 17 gallons (a 35 gallon version is also available) this bin provides all the space you need without being an eyesore. It comes in both black and pink options so you can customize it to the look of the rest of your landscaping.

Despite its tiny size, it’s incredibly durable. It’s constructed with food-safe plastic that is BPA-free and rust-resistant. Plus, it’s protected from UV damage, which helps extend its life outdoors and to ensure the viability of your finished compost.

When you’re ready to get the compost out to use it in your garden, all you have to do is roll the drum off the base. Position the compost bin where you want to use the compost, then take the door off. You’ll be able to open the door and pour the compost directly on the ground! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

It can be used to produce both solid and liquid compost. You’ll have both options available to you at once so that you can use them in your garden. Made In the United States, this compost bin requires zero assembly. It ships right to your door and is ready to go as soon as you open the package.

Capacity: 17 or 35 gallons

Dimensions: 19″ x 19″ x 22″ for 17 gallons, 25″ x 22″ x 28″ for 35 gallons


  • Most attractive compost bin you’ll find
  • Ready to use – no assembling is needed
  • Small size makes it convenient for space-restricted homeowners
  • Made out of food-safe plastic that resists UV damage


  • Smaller size may not be convenient for everyone
  • More pricey than most composters

What to Look for When Buying a Compost Bin

1. Capacity and Size

Size matters – at least, it matters when it comes to buying a compost bin!

If your compost bin is too big, it may not fit well on your counter top. If it’s too small, you won’t have enough room for all of your ingredients. 

Think carefully about how much compost you’d like to make and be realistic about how much you will be adding to fuel your bin, too. The best kitchen compost bin should fit your kitchen table top while it is sizable enough for you.

2. Type/Style

There are a few main types of compost bins you can use.

The first is a basic outdoor bin. While some are pretty basic and just consist of a container without a lid, others come with airtight lids that seal to keep out pests and odors.

If you’d rather compost inside, you may want to consider a kitchen compost bin. These compost bin are pretty tiny, but are more aesthetically pleasing than most outdoor bins. Typically, they are made out of durable plastic or stainless steel. Some have built-in filters to help reduce odors.

For outdoor compost bin, you might also consider a tumbler compost. This kind of system includes a barrel-shaped compost that can be cranked with a handle. When you crank, you’ll mix the materials inside. As you might expect, there are also hand-rolled compost bins that are meant to be turned by hand. Some compost bins are shaped like balls and can be rolled to wherever you need them in the garden!

3. Durability

It is important that you select a compost bin that is durable enough to withstand the elements. Best kitchen compost bin made out of high-quality plastic or stainless steel that are both frost- and UV-resistant. Some people also use their compost bins outside during inclement weather year-round. Therefore, your compost bin needs to be able to handle extreme weathers as well.

Final Verdict

Whether you want to speed up your composting time or simply protect your compost from the elements (and pests!) investing in a compost bin is a smart choice. With any kind of compost, your waste will decompose in about eight to twelve months – but when you use one of these top recommended compost bins, you’ll find that the time is chopped in half.

Not only that, but compost bins are easy to handle and to operate. Unlike a regular compost pile that has to be turned by hand every week or so, these bins require minimal human input in order to be effective. These bins are aesthetically pleasing and ideal for use in an urban setting where looks really do matter.

So what are you waiting for? We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you – now it’s time to invest in one of the best compost bins to help you meet your gardening goals.


How do you start a compost pile?

Starting a compost pile is easier than you might think! All you need to do is start collecting materials that you can add. Good options include:

  • Weeds
  • Dead leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Kitchen scraps (like fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds and filters, and eggshells)

Start an indoor bucket so you don’t have to traipse out to the compost bin all the time. Once you have a good supply going, you can dump the mixture in your compost bin. Nature will take care of the rest!

What can and cannot be put in the compost bin?

You can put just about any type of food or garden waste in the compost bin. You’ll want to shoot for an equal balance of carbon- and nitrogen-based waste, or “brown” and “green” ingredients.

  • A few “brown” ingredients include things that are dry, like sawdust or wood shavings. When you’re thinking about good “green” ingredients to add, your options include leaves, yard trimmings, kitchen waste, and manure.

On the flip side, there are a few things you should avoid putting in your compost bin.

  • Weeds – they can spread seeds on your garden when you apply the compost later on. You also need to be careful about adding diseased plants for the same reason – you can introduce disease back to your garden.
  • You should also avoid adding anything artificial. Plastics should stay out of your compost bin, for example! Similarly, meat, oils, fats, and dairy need to stay out of the compost bin. Although these ingredients do ultimately break down over time, it takes quite a long time for them to do so and they can attract pests in the meantime.

How long does it take to compost?

Composting does require a bit of time and patience at first. You’ll need to allow your compost to “cook” for about six to twelve months. During this time, you’ll need a way to protect your compost pile from invaders like rodents and bugs, while also providing yourself with access to the bin so you can turn and aerate the pile on a regular basis.

Investing in one of the compost bins recommended above is an excellent first step. This will more than cut your compost time in half!


  • To speed up the composting process, you can shred your waste before you put it into the composter. Adding large chunks of material, like big hunks of wood, will slow down decomposition as it takes microbes a long time to work through all that volume.
  • Rotate your bin more often. While you really only need to rotate your compost bin about five times every three days, the more the merrier. The more you turn your compost, the quicker the waste will decompose into usable soil for your garden. Turn your tumbler every day for the best results.
  • Make sure you clean your compost when it’s not in use to prevent odors. This will help extend the life of your compost tumbler, too.