Top 6 Kukui Nut Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Kukui nut oil is a powerful natural oil that indigenous Hawaiian people have used for generations. This nourishing oil has been used for hundreds of years before making its way into the mainstream of the beauty industry. Kukui nut oil is a versatile organic ingredient that you can use to give your skin and hair a moisturising boost.

We’re covering everything you need to know about kukui nut oil benefits, how to use it, and which brands you should be on the lookout for.

Summary: In a hurry and don’t have time to read the full article? we conclude that Kukui Nut Oil by Sweet Essentials is the best brand in the market.


What is Kukui Nut Oil?

Kukui nut oil is packed full of nourishing ingredients, including vitamins A, C, and E, along with fatty acids. This blend of ingredients nourishes your skins and makes it the perfect moisturiser for your skin.

Kukui nut oil is cold-pressed from the kukui nut tree, locally known as the ‘candlenut tree’ in the Pacific, because the nut of the kukui was used for candles by early settlers

It comes from the Hawaiian state tree and symbolizes rejuvenation in Pacific cultures. Traditionally, newborn babies were bathed in kukui nut oil to protect them from environmental factors like the sun and harsh winds.

Kukui nut oil is fast absorbing, making it perfect for using on your hair and skin.

kukui nut oil benefits

Top 6 Benefits of Using Kukui Nut Oil on Face, Skin and Hair

Kukui nut oil is a versatile natural ingredient that can be used to treat a myriad of issues for your skin and hair. As it’s rich in moisturising properties, kukui nut oil can be used as a daily treatment to protect against sun damage and prevent premature ageing. Here are top 6 kukui nut oil benefits:

1) Anti-Ageing

Any natural oil that hydrates your skin can be used as an anti-ageing treatment, including kukui nut oil. The antioxidant properties in the ingredient stimulate collagen production in the dermis of your skin, promoting cellular turnover to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful. By keeping your skin firm and hydrated, you can use it to treat everything from wrinkles to stretch marks and scarring. 

You can use kukui nut oil to reduce the signs of aging by applying it as a targeted treatment on areas where you have wrinkles. It works to improve your skin’s elasticity and suppleness to keep it looking youthful. Kukui nut oil is rich in omega-3, omega-6, linoleic, and alpha-linolenic acids. It seals in your skin’s elasticity and boosts your protective layer to prevent moisture loss.

2) Boost Your Skin’s Immune System

Every day, your skin is subjected to oxidative stress from environmental factors. As kukui nut oil is rich in antioxidants, it helps to support your natural immune system. If your skin is cracked or dry, it can attract pathogens that can wreak chaos on your skin. By incorporating kukui oil into your routine, you can keep your skin healthy and hydrated to slow down the ageing process. It maintains your skin’s natural protective barrier. If you suffer from breakouts or skin irritation, kukui nut oil can transform your skin.

3) Soothe Dry Skin and Eczema 

Thanks to its rich blend of vitamins and fatty acids, kukui nut oil is perfect for treating dry skin and its related skincare conditions. You can use kukui nut oil anywhere on your body that suffers from dry skin, including your hands, legs, back and face. Creating a consistent routine that incorporates kukui nut oil can strengthen your skin and encourage cellular turnover.

Kukui nut oil can also treat the symptoms associated with conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It’ll soothe inflammation, including redness on your skin, and reduce the itchiness and irritation that comes with these conditions. By keeping your skin hydrated, kukui nut oil helps to smooth its texture and reduce itchiness/discomfort. Sweet Essentials offers the best organic kukui oil in the market.

4) Resorts Sun Damage

Kukui nut oil is packed full of vitamins, – including vitamin A, C and E. The antioxidants within this oil make it ideal for blocking sunlight from reaching the dermis of your skin. It’s also ideal for helping your skin recover from sunburn issues.

Kukui nut oil protects your skin from sun damage by penetrating the deepest layer of your skin. It also traps in moisture to prevent your skin from drying out because of sun damage, helping to stop the development of premature wrinkles and sunspots. You can also use kukui nut oil as a post-sun treatment to soothe your skin and replenish its moisture after a day in the sun.

5) Nourishes Your Hair and Scalp

Kukui nut oil is a natural oil that you can use not only on your skin but also on your hair. When apply to hair root, it helps with preventing dandruff. Thanks to its high Vitamin A content, Kukui nut oil benefits your hair by replenishing dry scalp with a moisture boost.

When apply on hair, it also rejuvenates dull-looking hair to restore its natural shine and lustre. The proteins and essential fatty acids penetrate the hair shaft and replenish its moisture. Jojoba oil and Argan Oil are good substitutes of kukui oil for hair.

6) Treats Acne and Imperfections

Thanks to its rich blend of fatty acids, Kukui nut oil is known for its antimicrobial properties. Besides using kukui nut oil as a hydrating product, its blend of omega fatty acids and vitamins make it ideal for treating acne and imperfections. It reduces inflammation of skin by fighting the bacteria that causes acne.


What Skin Types are Suitable for Kukui Nut Oil?


Short Answer: Every skin type can benefit from using kukui nut oil.

It is composed of 25-30% oleic acid which is very close to the makeup of our own serum. This % makeup allows it to be absorbed quickly into our skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on skin. Therefore, this oil is suitable for people with oily skin.

It is also composed of around 42% of linoleic acid which is known for improving skin barrier and maintaining water content of skin. Therefore, this oil is also great for people with dry skin because it helps with retaining moisture content.

It has something to offer every skin type – from ageing skin to dry skin. It’s suitable for sensitive skin as a naturally derived product that hydrates your skin, lowering the potential for irritation.


How to Use on Face + Body?

Kukui nut oil is one of the most versatile natural ingredients you can invest in, particularly in its purest form. Its rich moisturising properties make it ideal for using on your face to treat everything from acne to dry skin. As kukui nut oil hydrates your skin, you can use it to diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch mark on your skin.

kukui nut oil benefits

  • Mix with Face lotion –Take a 1-2 drops of kukui nut oil and a pump of your daily moisturiser on your palm. Mix them thoroughly and apply to your skin directly.
  • Mix with body lotion – Take 5-6 drops of Kukui Body oil and a 2 pump of your body lotion on your palm. Mix them thoroughly and apply to your body directly.
  • Add to bath water – You can add a few drops of kukui nut oil to your bath water to “soak” in the benefits of this oil.

How to Use on Your Hair?

You can use kukui nut oil as a natural hair and scalp conditioner.

kukui nut oil benefits

  • Apply directly – Take a few drops of the oil and massage it through your scalp using your fingertips.
  • Create a DIY hair mask at home– You can mix a teaspoon of Kukui nut oil, a tablespoon of olive oil, half an avocado, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of honey in a bowl. Apply the mixture to wet hair starting at the bottom and then working your way up. Leave the mixture on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with shampoo. This kukui nut oil + avocado + olive oil hair mask will provide shine and nourishments to your hair, making it smooth and soft.
  • Mix with conditioner – Add 5-6 drops of kukui oil to your conditioner. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then wash it off.

Side Effects of Using Kukui Nut Oil

As a natural ingredient, the risk of side effects from using kukui nut oil is significantly low. The two main side effects that could occur are stomach issues or skin inflammation. You can avoid stomach upset by limiting your use of kukui nut oil to just use it as topical skincare products. Skin inflammation can occur for those who are allergic to nut trees, from which kukui nut oil is derived.


Top 5 Kukui Nut Oil Products:

1) Sweet Essentials 100% Organic Kukui Nut Oil

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Why We Like It: This kukui nut oil is 100% pure and organic, imported from Hawaii. It has a very light scent that makes it ideal for using with sensitive skin. Sweet Essentials bottle their kukui nut oil in small batches to keep it fresh. You can use this type of kukui nut oil as a weekly scalp treatment or a daily moisturiser.

Pros: You can purchase pure kukui nut oil from Sweet Essentials in several formats, with both dropper and pump options to suit your preferred usage. This product is 100% cold-pressed kukui nut oil, so you get all the benefits of this natural ingredient without it being diluted by other ingredients. The brand and its kukui nut oil are cruelty-free. 

Cons: Depending on the size you’re buying, this type of kukui nut oil can quickly become expensive to buy. You are getting what you paid for as the consistency is 100% pure cold-pressed kukui nut oil.

2) Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Oil

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Why We Like It: The Alba Botanica Hawaiian body oil is made using a blend of coconut, flaxseed, sweet almond, and sunflower oils to give your skin a silky feel.

Pro: This kukui nut body oil is hypo-allergenic and uses 100% vegetarian ingredients. It’s free of parabens and phthalates, as well as being cruelty-free. This body oil comes in a 100% recycled plastic bottle. Alba Botanica recommends using this body oil by adding ½ ounces to warm bath water or by applying a few drops to your skin after coming out of the shower. This body oil leaves your skin soft and protected to create a radiant glow.

Con: The Alba Botanica body oil contains added fragrance, which could irritate sensitive skin. This body is not 100% pure kukui nut oil. If you’re prone to breakouts or have sensitive skin, you’ll want to check if you’re allergic to any of the other ingredients in this product.

3) Le Mieux Derma Relief Serum

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Why We Like It: The Le Mieux Derma Relief serum is an elixir for dry and stressed-out skin, made using ceramides and 13 exotic oils, including kukui nut oil. It’s specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. The Le Mieux serum contains an impressive list of skin-replenishing ingredients from brazil nut to ceramides (a powerful form of Vitamin E), squalane, argan oil to kukui nut oil. Squalane is known for its anti-ageing and moisturizing properties.

Pro: You can mix this serum with your makeup (foundation) to nourish your skin and create a radiant glow. It’s fast-absorbing and penetrates quickly into your skin. The formula is free of parabens and sulfates. This Le Mieux Serum combined with Kukui nut oil benefits your skin by providing instant relief for dry and stress-out skin.

Con: This product is another pricey serum, but it does include additional ingredients that nourish your skin, including argan oil and vitamin E. Kukui nut oil is not one of the primary ingredients in this serum, although it does feature in the formula.

4) Pai Skincare

Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator

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Why We Like It: This kukui and jojoba bead skin brightening exfoliator by Pai Skincare is unique as kukui oil is used as an ingredient for a exfoliator instead of a moisturiser or serum. It’s 95% organic and vegan friendly. Pai uses jojoba beads as the exfoliator, which gently peels off your dead skin layer, leaving your skin a smoother and brighter complexion.

Pro: It’s formulated to suit all irritation-prone skin types, whether you have a dry or oily skin type. This exfoliator has been designed to treat the most delicate areas of your skin. The Pai Skincare exfoliator is rich in omegas 3 & 6, with a gel-to-milk formula that conditions your skin and locks in hydration. The ultra-gentle exfoliating gel moisturizes your skin to leave it smooth and supple.

Con: Kukui nut oil is the fourth ingredient in this product, coming in after sunflower oil, glycerine, and sweet almond oil.

5) Hawaiian Healing Skin Care Nourishing Night Oil

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Why We Like It: This nourishing night oil contains three powerful ingredients from Hawaii – organic Hawaiian macadamia nut oil, kukui nut oil, and organic cold-pressed tamanu oil. 11 additional skin super ingredients, including vitamin E and organic rosehip seed oil, boost the formula as a 14-in-1 formula. You can use this facial serum on a myriad of skin issues. This facial oil works to replenish moisture loss and boosts your skin’s elasticity. You can use this nourishing night oil once a day before bed.

Pro: You can use this night oil if you have sensitive skin, as it doesn’t contain fragrance and is unscented. This product is made in the USA and is cruelty-free. The Hawaiian Healing night oil is an anti-ageing product that works to give your skin a natural youthful glow by diminishing the signs of early ageing. This product is 100% pure and free of parabens, phthalates, and artificial colours.

Con: This product is expensive, as most night facial oils are. As this facial oil is not 100% kukui nut oil, it’s worth checking the extra ingredients if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin.



Kukui nut oil contains a high content of linoleic acid and omega-3 which are useful for nourishing your skin and hair scalp. It’s most well-known for its moisturizing and anti-ageing benefits. we conclude that Kukui Nut Oil by Sweet Essentials is the best kukui nut oil brand in the market.